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Kitty Rescue Press Release


Wow! This has been one heck of a roller coaster ride securing a future home for Monadnock Kitty Rescue and Adoption!

But we have good news to report! After years of searching for a new home, our landlord has offered to let us stay and we have signed a 15 year lease!

So now the work begins…

Because of our impending move we have not done any improvements to our current facility. Those who have visited know that we are in desperate need of renovating. 

When we started the rescue over 15 years ago the building was an auto body shop, we made improvements as needed and as we could afford to, but now with a new lease on life, we are ready to dive in and start renovating!

The renovations that we have in mind are all based upon making it better for the cats and kittens that we care for. They include new walls, flooring, heating units, air purifiers, LED lighting, doors and trim, and brand new catios. All of our rooms will be renovated with materials that can be cleaned easily, provide the best air flow and lighting. These improvements will help us to keep the shelter cleaner and healthier for the cats and kittens.

As you can imagine, this is a huge undertaking, especially working around the 100+ cats and kittens that we have in residence. It will take longer than the average renovation to complete (approx. 6 mos-1 year) as we will have to move the cats to different rooms as we complete each phase of the renovation.

The cost to do this and do it right is going to be huge. We have been working with wonderful businesses and contractors who have donated or partially donated labor and supplies for our project, but we have a long way to go!

If you can help out we are now accepting donations towards our building renovations. Any amount is helpful and appreciated.  A general donation will be applied towards the overall budget for the project but if you would like to choose a specific sponsorship or donation area/item choices are available on the back of this letter.  

We hope to be far enough along in our renovations to have a Spring Open House in May. You can follow our renovations at www.kittyrescueandadoption.org. We will update as things progress with photos. The sponsorship opportunities will also be listed online. Some of the opportunities, would make fantastic holiday presents for the cat-lover in your life!

Thank you so much for your continued support, and bearing with us through the last couple of tough years! Your generosity and kindness encouraged us to continue our fight until a solution was found and the rescue was saved! Here’s to another 15 years … and more!!!

Wishing everyone an absolutely wonderful holiday and a Purr-fect 2018!!

Heidi Bourgeois, President, Board of Directors



SHELTER STAFF - Taking care of the day-to-day needs of our cats and kittens.

EVENT STAFFERS - Going to events and setting up a table to promote our shelter.  These may also include adoption events where you would have to transport kittens to and from an event.

Due to an increase in veterinary costs and State required health certifications, we will have a slight increase in our adoption fees.

Single Cat adoptions will be $130 each, the 2 cat/kitten adoption fee will now be raised to $240. Anyone who wishes to have a cat/or kitten on hold will need to put down a $30.00 non-refundable deposit. 

Thanks so much for your understanding.

~ Heidi, adoption manager

Kitty Rescue is located on 11 Plantation Drive in Jaffrey, NH. Open hours are Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 6-9 and Saturday mornings from 9-1.

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We are a no kill cat sanctuary and adoption center for adoptable cats as well as feral cats.  We are staffed completely by volunteers.  There are NO PAID PERSONNEL.

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Kitty Rescue & Adoption (KRA) relies solely on donations and adoption fees to sustain us.  100% of all monies are spent on the cats.

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