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Welcome to Monadnock Kitty Rescue & AdoptionWelcome To Monadnock Kitty Rescue & Adoption

HISTORY: Two like-minded, local women had been feeding and caring for the feral cats in their community for several years. In 2002, they formalized their efforts into the Kitty Rescue and Adoption shelter. What began as a labor of love for those forgotten cats eventually evolved into the organization as it exists today. In 2003, the shelter earned its public charity status as an exempt organization.

WHO WE ARE: A no-kill cat shelter, staffed by volunteers with NO paid personnel, committed to the care and well-being of every cat or kitten that we are able to rescue.

OUR GOALS: To assist the community by maintaining, to some degree, control of the local stray and feral cat population as well as finding loving homes that will give these cats a much deserved "second chance". We also accept cats who might otherwise be euthanized or abandoned, regardless of age or health issues, from individuals with financial hardship or other circumstances.

WHAT WE DO: Provide basic necessities including but not limited to food, housing, medical attention as necessary, and spaying or neutering with the hope of finding our cats a permanent home. For those cats not adopted or adoptable, we provide love, a cage-free environment and a safe haven free from stress or want.

HOW WE DO IT: KRA relies solely on donations and adoption fees to sustain our effort which is why your support is critically important. 100% of ALL funds are spent on the care of the cats.

OUR FUTURE: Our dream of a new no-kill shelter in the Rindge/Jaffrey, NH area will become a reality with your help. Please donate to the Caring for Cats Building Fund by clicking on the link below. Periodic updates on our progress will be posted on our website.


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  What's New at Kitty Rescue    
What's New at Kitty Rescue

We need a new home!

Please help us kick off our Fall Fundraising Campaign to build a new and much needed shelter for our 130 cat population!
We have saved 100's of cats and kittens in the past 12 years. Our new facility will house our feral sanctuary and home rooms for the stray and abandoned cats and kittens awaiting new families.


Gimme 5 is designed to raise the money needed to build our new shelter. We are engaging social media and local media to help us to get the word out and find 100,000 who would be able to donate $5.00 to help us with the new building fund!


To make a donation now please hit the "donate now" tab to use PayPal