A really EASY way to donate for those who have a TD BANK account is to associate their account with Kitty Rescue by referring to code: AH215

By stating that you want Kitty Rescue to benefit from your new or existing account, you are giving money to us!  For each new account, KRA gets $50.00.  For each existing account that remains open for more than a year, KRA gets $25.00.

Here's the "legal" stuff!  

Click on one of
the little mice to donate today!

There are many ways to donate.  

Monetary donations can be made at the following locations in our donation Boxes
Donation jars available at these following locations:

  • Agway, Petereboro and Keene
  • Horse and Buggy, Keene
  • Animal Wellness, Keene
  • Turnpike Auto, New Ipswich
  • Dragon Fly, Keene (December and January, Non-Profit of the month)