~~ FAQs ~~

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. After being approved and picking a cat - can I take it home that day?
    Unfortunately, no. We need time to prepare the cats for transfer to their new homes.
  2. What if my new cat doesn't adjust to my home?
    Any cat adopted from KRA can be returned to us at any time, for any reason.  We do recommend that you give your new cat at least a two month adjustment period before you make this decision. 
  3. Can I adopt more than one cat?
    Absolutely! In fact, we often suggest that you consider adopting two of our cats if there are no other cats in your current household. 
  4. Will I have to take my new cat to the veterinarian?
    We strongly encourage new owners to schedule a veterinary appointment with 10-14 days of adoption. Kittens older than 12 weeks of age and all adult cats will have received their rabies vaccine and will be up to date on their distemper vaccinations; all adult cats will have been spayed or neutered.
  5. Why can't I declaw my KRA cat?
    KRA feels this is an unnecessarily cruel procedure and would be happy to discuss this issue as well as share documentation supporting our position. 
  6. Why does it cost $140.00 to adopt a cat from KRA?
    We are non-profit and we provide all of the below services for the cats and kittens before they go home. Thanks to some local vets we can offer these to adopters at our costs.
        • Rabies shots, not done on kittens under 12 weeks
        • Distemper shots, 1 or two depending on how long they are at the shelter
        • Spay and neuter certificates for under 5-6 months
        • Flea treatment
        • Fiv/Filv testing
        • De-worming
        • Health exam